IOLTA Compliance Information

The annual IOLTA compliance process begins on or after March 1 of each year and runs concurrent within the time period the State Bar requires payment of their annual bar dues.

All attorneys must annually notify the Foundation either electronically or in writing as to their IOLTA compliance. You can do this one of three ways:

1.    Pay your annual bar membership dues online and check the appropriate box,

2.    Login below and check the box,

3.    Contact us directly at 800-252-3401.ext. 108 or to request a mail-in form.

All attorneys must verify their IOLTA information online is correct and up-to-date annually when paying annual bar dues or when one of the events occur:

• Closing an IOLTA account (a closure form is required)

• Opening a new IOLTA account (a notice form is required)

• Indicate that you are no longer with the firm listed

• Indicate that you are with a different firm listed

Please follow the instructions below to certify IOLTA compliance.

Attorney Login verify or change your IOLTA account information

o   If No IOLTA Needed  

Attorneys who are not in private practice or do not handle client funds do not need an IOLTA. Even if you do not handle client funds, you still need to verify the information under your bar card number is correct.

  1. Use your Texas Bar card number and Texas Bar Password to login. If you do not have your Texas Bar Password to login, you will have to contact the State Bar membership department.

  2. Verify that an IOLTA is not associated with your bar card. (see example below)

  3. Once you review, check the box to certify your compliance.

o   If IOLTA is Needed  

Attorneys in private practice and receive or handle clients’ funds must deposit those funds in a separate bank account designated as “trust” or “escrow” account.  See Rule 1.14 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. If the client funds received are nominal in amount or are short-term, they must be deposited in an IOLTA at an eligible financial institution.

  1. Use your Texas Bar card number and Texas Bar Password to login. If you do not have your Texas Bar Password to login, you will have to contact the State Bar membership department.

  2. Review the information for the IOLTA associated with your bar card and update, e.g. close your IOLTA, open an IOLTA, indicate you are no longer with the firm listed, or indicate you are with a new firm and any changes of address.

  3. Once you review, check the box to certify your compliance.

Firm Login (with 7 or more attorneys) -- manage your IOLTA account information (add or delete attorneys)

This compliance information applies to Texas IOLTA accounts only.  We do not require notification of out-of-state IOLTA accounts.


You will not receive a paper compliance form or email from the Foundation.   See more information in the IOLTA Compliance Information Brochure.

Article XI of the State Bar Rules, along with The Rules Governing the Operation of the Texas Access to Justice Foundation, adopted by the Supreme Court of Texas to administer the Interest on Lawyers Trust Account program require the following:

·       Licensed attorneys who do not handle client trust funds are not required to establish an IOLTA bank account; however, they must nevertheless notify the Foundation during the annual IOLTA compliance process that they do not handle client trust funds and do not have or need an IOLTA account.

·    Licensed attorneys must report to the Foundation annually as to their IOLTA bank account status.

·    Licensed attorneys must notify the Foundation within 30 days of the establishment of IOLTA account or accounts or any change in their IOLTA account status.

·    An attorney, law firm, or professional corporation engaged in the practice of law and maintaining IOLTA bank accounts must notify the Foundation within 30 days of the closing of such account(s).

·    An attorney's refusal to comply may result in their suspension.


During peak times, please allow 7 to 10 business days for your IOLTA compliance information to be updated. 

To make changes to your State Bar of Texas membership record, please visit:


All questions regarding IOLTA Compliance should be directed to 800-252-3402, Ext. 108, or by contacting,


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